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Our Mission Statement

Our personal style is reflected in our salon. We are family-run and strive to offer both staff and guests a clean, organized, friendly space to offer and receive great service. Whether you are just shopping for a bottle of shampoo or considering a new hairstylist please come say hello. We will do our best to serve you.


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Hair Services

Kids Cuts 12 & Under

Girls Cut (with Blowdry) – $23-$26 +
Boys Cut – $24
Boys Cut & Streaks – $85+

Students Cut 13 Years to Grade 12
Ladies Student Cut (with Blowdry) – $34-$37 +
Mens Student Cut – $26
Mens Cuts
Mens Cut  – $33+
Mens Cut & Colour – $105+
Mens Cut & Streaks – $100+
Mens Buzz Cut – $20
Ladies Styling & Cuts
Ladies Shampoo, Blowdry & Flat Iron or Curls – $42 -$47+
Ladies Cut, Blowdry & Flat Iron or Curls – $53 – $58 +
Ladies Shampoo & Blowdry – $34+
Ladies Cut – $43 +
Ladies Cut & Blowdry – $49+
Ladies Updo – $73+
Flatiron Only – $27+
Deva Cut / Style – $65+
Ladies Colour and Highlights
Full Colour – $118+
Full Colour & Cut – $148+
Colour Correction – $85+/hr
Full Colour With Up to 6 Foils (add $25 for cut) – $155+
Full Colour With 1/2 Head Foils (add $25 for cut) – $180+
Full Colour With Full Head Foils (add $25 for cut) – $200+
Cap Streaks (add $25 for cut) – $120+
Full Head Foils (add $25 for cut) – $165+
1/2 Head Foils (add $25 for cut) – $145+
Olaplex Treatment – $40
Basic Perm (add $30 for cut) – $120+
Spiral Perm (add $30 for cut) – $165+
Chemical Straightening

Temporary Straightening – $238 +

Note: Consultation Required

Our History

We purchased Heads Up Hair as a newly married couple in our twenties; about 36 years ago. The salon at the time, had a barber pole out front and obviously focused on men’s cuts with a small area for retail products. We saw the need to be more welcoming to women so the barber pole came down and we started offering color services. Years later we expanded our footprint and started to offer esthetic services and created a larger retail area.
Rick looked after most salon business as I was soon home raising two young girls. It wasn’t long before they were helping to sweep up hair for the stylists for some candy money. Now Taylor and Kendall are both married and assist us in our family business. Kendall as a stylist/manager and Taylor as a receptionist.
Our business plan over all these years reflects our personalities to an extent and personal values. We enjoy people and want to provide not only our clients but our staff an honest, clean, organized and friendly place to be. We personally love a bargain so we assume our clients do as well; we often get the feedback that our retail pricing is fantastic.
We believe in supporting continued education for ourselves and our staff; we host in salon training on a regular basis. We have traveled with staff members to Mexico, New York, Toronto, Italy and Spain for education and fun. Fun it was!
We are a family friendly salon and spa. Rick is now cutting the hair of the grandkids of some of his original young clients. Still all the little ones look forward to their lollipop after their visit with us.
Currently we are in the salon three days a week and enjoy volunteer work many of the other days. We have a happy, healthy and busy life so far. We greatly appreciate our staff members who over the years have helped us juggle the many responsibilities there are in running a small business.
To all our long time clientele we’d like to thank you so very much. The current environment is very competitive and we really appreciate your loyalty and support. We welcome newcomers to our area; and we’d love to meet you and assist you with any services you may need.
Hair trends come and go but it seems like Heads Up Hair & Body Spa is here to stay.

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Our Hours:

Mon: 10:00 am – 7:00 pm

Tue: 10:00 am  – 7:00 pm

Wed: 10:00 am – 7:00 pm

Thur: 10:00 am – 9:00 pm

Fri: 10:00 am  – 9:00 pm

Sat: 10:00 am  – 7:00 pm

Sun: 11:00 am  – 6:00 pm

Our Location

Coquitlam Centre Mall

#1214 – 2929 Barnet Highway

Coquitlam, BC, V3B 5R5

Our Contact Details

Phone: 604.464.6244

Email: headsupcoq@headsuphairbodyspa.com